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We are dedicated to improving the lives of those in our community. Your contribution today helps us make a difference.


Our history

We are a community-based organisation focused on helping to make community’s safer for everyone.

Our Mission

More Police

One of our goals is to help increase the amount of police going round the streets.

Open Youth Centres

We really want to increase and open more youth centres for young people who have nothing to do so they stay off the streets.

Collect Excess Knives

We are currently and will continue to collect knives which have no purpose out side the kitchen.

More Volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. We’ll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We’re excited to have you join the team!

The Guardian Interview

When people ask me if I’ve been personally affected, I feel like I have, There’s not enough police nowadays – we have to start fending for ourselves.


Our symbolic and heart-felt statue which will be made from all the knives we have collected will be coming soon

Binning Knives Saves Lives have taken over 800 knives off the streets of Waltham Forest and reduced #knifecrime by 34% whilst knife crime rose in every other borough🥇
We want to make a difference and reduce knife crime in every London borough but we need to raise £2000 so we can launch in at least 10 borough's asap.
Please help us to help you the community by donating to this great community campaign which has made such a difference to so many lives.

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London Gems of Hatton Garden Mystery prize

2 Nights at The Royal Hotel

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5 Classes of Yoga Sessions

3 x Bouquets of Flowers

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£100 Worth of Tattoo's

Mediterranean Meal for 2

1 Months Gym Membership

Various Bottles of Alcohol

£50 Restuarant Voucher

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10 × Bicycle Mots

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1 Hour Psychic Reading/Holistic Therapy

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2 x 1 Hour Personal Training Sessions

2 x Pizza Sodo Take Away Meals For 2


1/ We visit busy places with our Knife Amnesty Bin taking as many knives off the streets as possible.

2/ We educate parents on how to make their family's safer and we make them aware of the dangers of knife crime and how they best protect themselves from becoming victims.

3/We visit Religious & Cultural Leaders so they can spread the word to their community's and so we can unite them as knife crime is indiscriminate and affects everyone.

4/We take youths from the streets and enrol them into positive ongoing activitys such as football and music workshops with others who were also taken from the streets, which makes them feel part of something and gives them a sense of worth.

5/We mentor youths and make them aware of the dangers of being a youth in today's society and on the consequences of carry knives etc.

6/We liaise with other knife crime groups advising them on how we can collectively reduce knife crime together.


1/We always aim to change the mindset of people as there is hope because if we all pull together we can make a massive difference.

2/We always aim to visit busy places every week with our Knife Amnesty Bin taking as many knives as possible off our streets.

3/We aim to visit schools colleges churches and mosques to mentor youths.

4/We aim to unite as many organisations as possible so they can do what we do in their borough's.

5/We aim to run a knife collection service.

6/We aim to make a statue with all the knives we collect in our bin. The statue will be sculpted by a youth group and erected somewhere London.

7/We aim to make our streets safe again✊

A DIY knife amnesty bin has been set up by residents in east London in response to rising violence.

Since it launched in May, volunteers from BinningKnives Saves Lives have collected 140 knives in Waltham Forest.

Courtney Barrett, who started the initiative, said he had been motivated by rising levels of knife crime close to his home in Leytonstone.

Full Read: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/aug/02/east-london-volunteers-set-up-knife-amnesty-bin?CMP=share_btn_fb